Eating together is a celebration everyday.

 Karen, Nursery Cook

The Nursery will provide all meals which are freshly prepared on the premises using local produce. Great care will be taken to always provide nutritious, well-balanced meals. There will be a strong focus on developing good table manners with all the children. Snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day. 

 Sandy, our afternoon Cook

We have two cooks who work together to deliver a varied and nutritious menu from our own kitchen. We have a rolling menu that changes with the seasons and with the availability of fresh produce.

Karen and Sandy use a diverse choice of raw ingredients to cook and prepare snacks and meals that help children to learn about taste, smells and textures of different foods. Children are introduced to a mix of strong and subtle flavours which encourages confidence in adventurous food choices as they grow.

Morning snack time can consist of fresh raw vegetables or fruit. Bananas are a firm favourite, full vitamins C and D, known to boost serotonin levels while providing a healthier alternative to sugary biscuits and snacks that can suppress a good lunchtime appetite.

All our produce is sourced locally, from local suppliers. Our meat comes from award-winning Stamford butchers Nelson's (famous recently for impressing Prince Charles with their pork pies!), our fruit and vegetables from Adams Apple in Northamptonshire and our bread from Stamford bakers Askers.

Debbie, our kitchen Assistant meeting baby Isla

Our Forest School, affectionately known as "Wild At Heart" operates a seasonal calendar:


Apple gathering and pressing in the orchard. Making Elderberry Cordial


'Wild at Heart' Pumpkin Fest, pumpkin scooping and roasting of seeds


Putting the garden to bed for the winter, composting and getting the mulch ready for next year


Sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolate and sharing stories and songs


Bread making and baking dough on sticks over the fire


Making 'Shrove Tuesday' pancakes over an open fire


Using the 'cob oven' with the children to cook bread and pizzas


Playing in the 'mud kitchen' - a sensory outdoor kitchen and mud pit where children are encouraged

to follow their own imagination to create concoctions.  How about Pine Cone Bolognaise mixed with

some garden herbs for a start?


Foraging elderflowers for fresh elderflower cordial


Harvesting and picking fresh raspberries


Hand picked strawberries straight from the vine


Harvest of herbs, courgettes and beans from the Forest School allotment.

Forest School Teacher Vickie comments that working the allotment at 'Wild at Heart' gives the children an awareness of where food comes from.  'They are more willing to eat different vegetables and fruits knowing that they themselves have been part of the process of growing and harvesting.'